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Pastor Jeff Schreve answers some of the most important and critical questions with "straight-talking" biblical truth and wise insight.  SCROLL DOWN to see the entire list.


America's Morals Are Declining. Is There Any Hope For Turning Things Around?

America is in real trouble and the responsibility for rescue is squarely on the shoulders of God's people. Pastor Jeff Schreve issues A CALL TO FALL on our knees and stand in the gap for America in prayer. God has required that before He will move. An extended answer can be found in the message A CALL TO FALL: STANDING IN THE GAP FOR AMERICA.

Are You Really Worshiping the One True God?

Our nation is filled with those who have money, success, and pleasure as their God. But God has grace and mercy for those who trust only in Him." Listen to this powerful video clip from Pastor Jeff's message THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

What does God want, but can't have?

What can you give to God that He doesn't already have?  He owns all wealth and has angels to serve Him at his beckon call.  So, what does that leave for you to give?  The only thing God doesn't have before you give it to Him:  your heart. An extended answer to this question can be found in the message CONFORMED OR TRANSFORMED?

Can God Save Me No Matter What I've Done?

Is there any way you can be so bad that God can't save you? What is the depth of God's grace toward you? Pastor Jeff describes the size of grace you can have in your life from Jesus. An extended answer can be found in the message ALL BECAUSE OF GRACE.



REAL CLIP:   What is the biggest problem in America today?

REAL CLIP:   Our culture is in such a mess. How could I possibly matter?

REAL CLIP:   How bad does it have to get before God says, "That is enough!"

REAL CLIP:   "If both political parties are messed up, I just won't vote!" Is that right?

REAL CLIP:   Is there any wiggle room with God regarding the abortion issue?

REAL CLIP:   Homosexuality is wrong. Is that help-speech or hate-speech?

REAL CLIP:   If you have lots of money, does that make you evil?



REAL CLIP:   How can I overcome my feelings of inferiority?

REAL CLIP:   Why do I worry all the time?

REAL CLIP:   What can I do with my deep-seated fear of death?

REAL CLIP:   I have many needs, but what is my deepest need?

REAL CLIP:   I simply don't like myself. Why?

REAL CLIP:   How can I learn to love people who are different?



REAL CLIP:   Why do I fight with my spouse?

REAL CLIP:   How do I 'train up a child in the way he should go?'

REAL CLIP:   Why do children from Christian homes leave the faith?

REAL CLIP:   My family is in real trouble. As the husband, what can I possibly do?



REAL CLIP:   Why should I believe the Bible is the Word of God?

REAL CLIP:   I don't like to read the Bible. Why is that?



REAL CLIP:   My family member died of cancer. Has God abandoned us?

REAL CLIP:   Why is there suffering in the world & in my life?

REAL CLIP:   Does God cause/allow trouble in my life?  Why?

REAL CLIP:   What do I do with the heavy burdens I feel God has put on me?

REAL CLIP:   Our world is in a moral sewer. What can we expect to happen?



REAL CLIP:   How can I make sure I never commit adultery?

REAL CLIP:   What are the real consequences of divorce and adultery?

REAL CLIP:   Are video games, TV and Internet wrong?

REAL CLIP:   I am drowning in sin. Could God ever forgive me?

REAL CLIP:   Have I been too bad for God to ever forgive me?

REAL CLIP:   Do you know someone who gossips?



REAL CLIP:   How can I know God's will for my life?

REAL CLIP:   How can I know God's will for my life - Part 2?

REAL CLIP:   What can I do when I am mad at my life and about to give up?

REAL CLIP:   My dreams have gone up in smoke. Now what?

REAL CLIP:   What is the job of a Christian?

REAL CLIP:  I am doing God's work so why are people against me?



REAL CLIP:   What do I do when God won't answer 'why'?

REAL CLIP:   Does God hear the cry of my heart?

REAL CLIP:   Why are my prayers not being answered?

REAL CLIP:   How can I experience a miracle in my life?



REAL CLIP:   How can I experience the peace of God?

REAL CLIP:   How can I keep on fire for God?

REAL CLIP:   I don't understand God.  What do I do?

REAL CLIP:   How can I know for sure I am a Christian?

REAL CLIP:   Pastor Jeff, how did you come to accept Christ?

REAL CLIP:   I've been hiding from God. How can I find my way back?

REAL CLIP:   How can I find revival for God in my heart?




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