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Storms reveal our spiritual condition and test our faith.  But, those same storms help us see Jesus more clearly and know that Jesus is in control, more than able to help and all that we need.  

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Whether it is an unwanted divorce, a physical malady, a death, a lost job, a family feud, or financial reversal, trials and tragedies will interrupt our happy lives. They can leave us shattered and shaken. This book is designed to encourage you and help you get through the major interruptions and significant changes that come with life.  May God pour out His grace and love and bring healing to your wounded heart as you face your new normal. As Romans 13:15 teaches us, God is “the God of hope.”

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Are You Having a Tough Time Adjusting to the New Normal?


  • How do we not lose hope?
  • Overwhelmed by the constant waves of bad news?
  • Are today's troubles making your bitter?
  • Are circumstances making you anxious and afraid?

Well, you're not alone! Pastor Jeff's audio series "Life Goes On: How to Face a New Normal" will show you how to trust God in unsettling and uncertain times. And, find His arms open wide to help you step out in faith into a new normal.

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Strong Faith Thumbnail  You Were Made to Overcome Tough Times!

   Let's face it: we are going thought some tough times! In the days and weeks to come, you and I will face difficult circumstances and impossible situations. The tough times in which we live require strong faith to rise above and overcome ... and that strong faith can be yours! This booklet from Pastor Jeff Schreve will encourage your heart and strengthen your faith. When the impossible meets God, miracles take place!

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What to Do When The Going Gets Tough

Fear meets Faith ThumbnailEven the greatest men in the Bible had to deal with fear. In recent days we have all had to deal with fear.  No matter what kind of fear is in front of you, there is GOOD NEWS. God wants to see you overcome your fear. In this booklet from Pastor Jeff Schreve, you’ll gain practical insights to help you trust God and experience His peace and deliverance. You’ll learn to conquer your fear as you fix your eyes on Jesus and walk by faith and not by sight.

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God Has A Plan for You,
Even When You Don't See It

God Make Sense ThumbnailHave you ever looked at your situation and said, "What's up God? Why is this happening to me?" If we're honest, all of us have said or thought these things in recent weeks. Much of the time, God works in ways we can't see and don't understand, but He is always working on our behalf. The bible gives us insight on this in Jesus' raising his friend from the dead in John 11. This teaches us what to do when God doesn't make sense ... and how to see His glory even in the worst of circumstances.

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No Matter How Bad The News Is,
The Good News is Better

Face Discouragement Thumbnail

No matter how discouraging these days get, Jesus Christ is greater. Nothing is too difficult for Him. In this encouraging message, Pastor Jeff Schreve will share four life-affirming principles found in the book of Nehemiah that will help you understand the source of your discouragement, and discovery the victory that can be yours through Christ. Listen, God wants to work a great miracle of deliverance and blessing even in the Face of Discouragement in this new normal. Don't let the devil win! Let God help you.

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Replace Financial Worry with Peace 

Worried Money ThumbnailFew things in life cause as much worry and anxiety as money.  And, in these uncertain times, most of us are experiencing some level of burden caused by our incomes and expenses.  But Jesus gives us a  better way of thinking about finances – a way that leads to freedom, peace and a deeper trust in God’s provision for our lives.  In Pastor Jeff Schreve's new booklet, Are You Worried about Money?, he gives practical steps that can put you on the path away from financial worry and on the road to financial peace.
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What to Do When The Going Gets Tough

Sticks and Stones ThumbnailWe are all experiencing trying times and you might wonder if it is worth it. Pastor Jeff Schreve takes a sober look at the tribulations of the Christian life and will help you discover how to avoid being bitter towards God. You can discover how to understand that ... “All who will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution” (2 Timothy 3:12 KJV).

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