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Peace in the Storm

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Do you know the secret to experiencing peace even in the midst of a great storm? The Bible tells us to “Cast our burden on the Lord and He will sustain us.”  Now many people know they’re supposed to cast their burden on the Lord, but the tendency is to pray about a problem, and then take that problem back as soon as we say, “Amen.”  We let the Lord see our difficulty, but we often times don’t leave that difficulty with Him.  That practice never produces peace.  Listen … God knows a LOT more about burdens than we do so the wise move is for us to take our burdens to Him and leave them there with Him.  We weren’t made to carry heavy burdens, but God can be trusted to easily carry the heaviest of trials.  That’s His job, so will you let Him do it?  When you do, you’ll discover real hope.