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Speaking the Truth in Love

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You may have noticed that a growing number of pastors seem to want to steer clear of controversial topics for fear they may offend or make someone feel uncomfortable. They preach love and grace and favor ... but they conveniently leave out truth and consequences. They heartily preach the blessings of God, but they fail to share the penalties that come from arrogant, willful disobedience.  I believe that if a man is called by God to pastor the flock, that man is solemnly charged before God to "preach the word."  Every pastor will stand before the Lord one day to give an account of how he carried out this clear directive. Our job is to be faithful.  We dare not "shrink back from declaring the whole counsel of God." May we as preachers speak the truth in love because it is the truth that sets us free and that is where we all will find REAL HOPE.