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Let Go of the Wheel

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When I was a kid, my little sister and I went to a carnival and hopped on the iconic Ferris wheel.  Inside was a steering wheel.  I instinctively grabbed it and held on with nervous energy.  But as we started up, our pod did not rotate like the others.  So, instead of being upright, we were totally upside down, facing the ground from a mile up!  We were scared beyond belief!  But, thankfully, in the last minute of the ride, I discovered that the reason we were upside down was because of my death grip on the steering wheel.  Once I took my hands off, the pod righted itself. You see, I was the one putting us in danger because I wouldn’t let go of the wheel.  The Christian life is an exciting and fulfilling ride with the Lord.  But to enjoy it, we MUST LET GO OF THE WHEEL. We soar when we yield up control to Him.  He is God, and we are not.  He can be trusted.  So, when life seems upside down, cast your cares on Him, enjoy the ride and there you’ll discover REAL HOPE.