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The Prayer Struggle

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Prayer.  It is such a vital aspect of the Christian life. But, let's be honest, do you find yourself struggling with regard to prayer? Do you get distracted when you are praying?  Does your mind seem to wander so easily?  One of the best ways to help your prayer life is to picture yourself before the throne of Almighty God. In your mind’s eye, see God high and lifted up. See His face of love, forgiveness, and acceptance. See Him listening intently to your voice (as the Bible teaches in Psalm 116:1-2). As you begin to visualize your prayers going directly to the King, your mind will stay occupied and engaged.  What a privilege to be able to share our burdens and needs with the Lord and have Him respond to us.   Let me encourage you to pray boldly and pray frequently.  God loves to hear your voice before His throne.  Now that's real hope!