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Father Knows Best

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Have you ever prayed to God to spare you from a really tough situation, but He didn’t do it? Have you ever asked Him why?  What gives, God?  I prayed, but you didn't come through, You didn't answer.  It is important to remember the prayer is not a guarantee that we get what we want. God is not a heavenly genie. We don’t rub His lamp through prayer and see Him appear, saying, “Yes, master?” On the contrary, He's the Master. When we pray, we ask Him for the things that are in accordance with His will. He promises to answer those prayers (see 1 John 5:14-15). If we ask for things we desire, but have no direct promise in Scripture that He will grant these requests, then we have to leave the results with Him. True faith is not necessarily getting what you want from the Lord.  True faith is joyfully receiving what He gives. You can trust Him, no matter what … and that fact brings real hope