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The Gumby God

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A lot of people like to make God out to be what they want Him to be--all love with no standards and no commandments. In their minds, God is nothing more than a glorified bell hop who is at their service to obey their orders. He is like Gumby, moldable and bendable to our selfish hopes, desires, and dreams. But that is not God. God is not Gumby, He is the Sovereign King. You and I exist by His will and for His pleasure, not vice-versa. God hates sin and is too pure to look upon sin. He is the God who WILL judge the world in righteousness. His moral standards never change, because they are rooted in His Holy nature. Listen, even if the whole world embraces sin and depravity, God does not lower the bar to acquiesce to the masses. May we wake up to the truth before it is too late. It is only when we surrender to the King and His will do we find Real Hope.