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A New Wanter

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Years ago, I had a man share his testimony with me. He said when he received Christ, he got his ‘wanter’ changed. I said what? He said, “Before I was a Christian, I wanted to sin, to party, to indulge the flesh. But after I gave my life to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, my wanter changed. Now I wanted to please God and follow Him. I didn’t always do it perfectly, but my wanter had changed.” Let me ask you, has your wanter changed? An easy way to tell if you have truly been saved is to look at what you want. If you still long for sin and its passing pleasures, chances are you haven’t really been born again. But if you want to be the person God wants you to be and do His will, then that is solid evidence the Lord is at work within you. Listen, a pig wants to wallow in the mud. That’s his nature. But a child of God wants to please His father, because that is his new nature. It is only in Jesus that our wanter gets changed. In Him you will find Real Hope.