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A Wise Word for Wives

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A lady asked me one day, "my husband says he is a Christian, but he surely doesn’t act like it.  Pastor Jeff, I'm frustrated, angry and discouraged. What am I to do?"  I told her this, first of all, you must remember that you can't change your husband. Only God can do that. You can only change you as you yield yourself to the Lord. Secondly, God sees and knows. He cares about your struggles with this and He is going to help you. Thirdly, you can allow yourself to get bitter at your husband because that will only hurt you. So keep bring the hurt and the anger and frustration to the Lord. And Last of all, know that it is your main job as a wife to obey the Lord and respect your husband. Trust God to work in your husband and in your situation. It is in obedience to God's Word where we find Real Hope.