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Filled with the Spirit

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When I was in college, we talked about people being of fire for the Lord. An on-fire Christian was one who loved Jesus with all his heart and was totally controlled and surrendered to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. That's what the Bible calls being "filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18). You see, the moment a person turns from sin and self and receives Jesus as Savior and Lord, that person is forgiven of all his sins ... and given the gift of the Holy Spirit to dwell within. Now, the Holy Spirit is resident in every true believer ... but the Holy Spirit who is resident needs to become president. He needs to be in full control of you and me. When He is, life takes on a whole new meaning. Love, joy, peace and power start to flow from our heart. Let me ask you, are you filled with the Holy Spirit? If not, you can be. All it takes is a yielded heart to the Lord. All it takes is an attitude that says, not I but Christ. Spirit filled Christians are the ones who make a difference in our world for Christ. Now that's REAL HOPE!