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Factor in God

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One of the greatest miracles in the ministry of Jesus occurred by the Sea of Galilee.  Five Thousand men plus women and children surrounded Jesus as he taught.  Toward evening the disciples asked Jesus to send them away so that they could get dinner.  But Jesus didn't want them to leave.  He wanted to feed them so he asked Philip where they could go to buy bread to feed the crowd. Philip said, "Feed the crowd?  How are we going to do that? Two hundred days worth of bread wouldn't feed this crowd."  But Philip missed the point of the question and he failed the test that Jesus was giving him. In all his figuring, Philip forgot to figure in the miracle working God.  So what is the lesson here?  In your life and in your problems always remember to factor in God in your figuring.  God has not lost his ability to work miracles.  He's simply waiting for you to look to Him.  Now that's REAL HOPE.