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The Happiness Confusion

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Many people are confused about happiness. They equate happiness with money and materialism. To them, happiness is a million dollars. Other people equate happiness with good physical health. To them, happiness is an in-shape body hitting on all eight cylinders. Still, to other, happiness is a big promotion, or graduation, or reaching a milestone. But the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 2:25: For who can eat and who can have enjoyment without Him? Scripture makes it clear that true happiness comes when you and I are right with God. When we are yielded to Christ and His will for us, then we can experience true happiness—inner peace and unspeakable joy. Let me encourage you to take sober inventory of your life today. Are you trying to fill the inner vacuum with health, wealth, and achievement? Those things will never make you truly happy or satisfy the deep longings of your soul. The only One who can do that is Jesus. If you will bow your knee and your life to King Jesus and give Him first place in everything … then you’ll experience true happiness and find Real Hope!