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Dr. Jeff Schreve offers extended encouragement and hope on topics.

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  • How to Plant Your Family on a Firm Foundation

    Now, it’s one thing to see a great, solid family on a fictional TV show. But is it possible that a family like that could really exist? Full story

  • Get Out of a Pit of Despair

    How do you feel about being thankful? If you find gratitude a tough thing to embrace these days, I understand. After all, we’ve been through some hard years, both as a nation and individually. But you know what? It really doesn’t matter if things are going well or things are going badly for us. That’s because God has given us ... Full story

  • How Important is the Next Generation?

    Right now, there’s a generation being born and raised who face a world obsessed with self. They’re a part of the digital generation where life is lived out on cell phones and social media. They learn how to present a positive image online, but the reality is many of them are ... Full story

  • Is Your Family Dysfunctional?

    When it comes to family, we don't have a choice. Our family is our family, quirks and all. We don't get to choose them, but we do get to choose how we treat the family God has given us! Sadly, there are many families that call themselves “Christian,” and yet, the culture within that family is ... Full story