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Beauty for Ashes: The Story of Ruth

Has life dealt you a bad hand? Have fiery trials engulfed you, leaving nothing but ashes? To be sure, difficulties come to every life in varying degrees, but the good news is God is the God who gives "beauty for ashes" (Isaiah 61:3 KJV). In this verse-by-verse study of The Book of Ruth, Dr. Jeff Schreve shares biblical truth to help you trust God and see Him work, even in the midst of heartache and heartbreak.

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  • From Tragedy to Triumph

    Beauty for Ashes: The Story of Ruth

    February 23

    From Tragedy to Triumph

    When walking through the darkest valleys, believers can always have hope because of this key truth: God is for us and He is not against us!  The God of the universe is working for the good of His children who trust in Him no matter what circumstances come our way.   In this encouraging message, Pastor Jeff Schreve reminds us that by pressing into the Lord in the midst of our trials and hurts, His restoration will come to us who are faithful to trust Him for His goodness even when our life circumstances would lead us to believe otherwise.

    Ruth 4:13-22

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  • A Picture of Prayer

    Beauty for Ashes: The Story of Ruth

    February 16

    A Picture of Prayer

    Do you long for closeness and depth in your relationship with the Lord, but aren’t sure how to make it happen?  The answer is simple, yet hard at the same time:  prayer.  In this insightful message, Pastor Jeff Schreve walks us through several key elements to prayers that honor the Lord and will draw us closer to Him as we practice coming into His presence with humble and vulnerable hearts each day. 

    Ruth 3:1-18

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  • Faith that Works

    Beauty for Ashes: The Story of Ruth

    February 9

    Faith that Works

    Do you sometimes wonder when God is going to come through for you in that special situation you have been dealing with for so long?  Has He stopped listening?  Does He not care?  Absolutely not!  But, have you ever considered that maybe He is patiently waiting for you to step out in faith so that the work can begin?  In this dynamic message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shows us the real truth about how the Lord works with, in, and through the faith of those who are willing to do what they can with what they’ve got.  The results:  blessing beyond measure!

    Ruth 2:1-23

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  • Are You Blaming God?

    Beauty for Ashes: The Story of Ruth

    February 2

    Are You Blaming God?

    Have hard circumstances in your life left you playing the blame game with God?  Do you feel like you have been left to pick up the pieces alone and are too weary to even lift up your head to ask for help?  In this hard-hitting message, Pastor Jeff Schreve discusses how our life choices and the way we react to the consequences of those choices affects our faith and relationship with the Lord.

    Ruth 1:1-22

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  • Wanted and Redeemed

    Beauty for Ashes: The Story of Ruth

    March 26

    Wanted and Redeemed

    Loneliness, grief, and feelings of worthlessness are so prevalent in the lives of so many.  Those feelings, while very real, do not have to be the truths that guide our lives.   In this beautiful message, Pastor Jeff Schreve reminds us of the true meaning of redemption and what the Lord has done for each person on earth because He loves and wants them to be with Him and blessed by Him.  God thinks you are so valuable. So much so, that He gave His Son.  Isn’t that the truth you would rather live by?

    Ruth 4:1-12

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