• When Fear Calls the Shots

    Fear No Evil

    September 17

    When Fear Calls the Shots

    What happens when a worst-case scenario occurs when you least expect it?  Do you receive the grace of God into that situation, or do you, like so many people, let fear hop into the driver’s seat of your life?  In this eye-opening message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, not only do we learn the heart-breaking truths of what a fear-led life can do to you and your loved ones, but also how to get back to a place where your faith outweighs your fears.

    Genesis 12:10 - 13:4

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  • Naked and Afraid

    Fear No Evil

    September 10

    Naked and Afraid

    Some fears can be a huge hindrance to the faith of a believer.  Nothings stops us in our tracks like a scary situation.  But is all fear something to be avoided?  In this intriguing message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares what types of fear are healthy to have in our lives, the roots of the negative fear that doesn’t come from the Lord, and how we can dig those fear roots out of our lives today.

    Genesis 3:1-24

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  • Pushing Through the Fear

    Courageous: How God Shows Up When You Step Up

    September 3

    Pushing Through the Fear

    What do you do when you come face to face with fear?  Do you turn from it and let it defeat you, or do you face it head on?  In Pastor Jeff Schreve’s encouraging message, PUSHING THROUGH THE FEAR, he reminds us of what God says about fear and how we can face it victoriously. Don’t let fear defeat you!

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  • The Rock or The Ruins

    Believe and See

    August 27

    The Rock or The Ruins

    Good builders know that if the foundation of the house is compromised or unstable then that house is going to have major problems.  The same is true for our lives.  If we are building on the unstable foundation of our own desires and feelings, then life is going to crumble around us when the storms come.  In this pivotal message, Pastor Jeff Schreve helps us to understand the consequences of building on the ruins and the blessings of building on the Rock.  Do you know which one you are building your life on?

    Matthew 7:24-29

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  • Mountains and Mustard Seeds

    Believe and See

    August 20

    Mountains and Mustard Seeds

    What do you do when your mountain won’t move and problems are piling on? Have you checked your faith lately?  Is it growing or diminishing?  Learn what to do when the mountains won’t move in this inspirational lesson from Pastor Jeff Schreve.

    Matthew 17:14-21

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  • How Big Do You Believe?

    Believe and See

    August 13

    How Big Do You Believe?

    How can you tell if you are believing God in a big way? The Bible says, “Be it done to you according to your faith.”  God is waiting for you to come to Him with your problems by letting your faith reflect the greatness of God.

    2 Kings 4:1-7

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  • How to See the Glory of God

    Believe and See

    August 6

    How to See the Glory of God

    In John 11:40, Jesus said, "Did I not say to you, if you believe, you will see the glory of God?" Are you willing to do what it takes to see God’s glory? Learn how to see the glory of God when you view your problems as an opportunity to glorify Him by believing His promises.

    John 11:1-46

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  • The Church and the Gates of Hell


    July 30

    The Church and the Gates of Hell

    The people of God make up God’s church.  And the church has a mission to fulfill to reach the world with the good news.  But what forces can create barriers to the fulfillment of this mandate from God?  What causes the church to be hindered from our responsibility?  In this encouraging message, Pastor Jeff shares real truth about the foundation of God’s church and the power and protection He has placed upon her.

    Matthew 16:13-20

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  • God, Government and Christians


    July 23

    God, Government and Christians

    Government is a good thing because government is a God thing, created by Him to provide protection for the people.  And He gave mankind the job and the responsibility of rulership using a government that would be underneath God’s direction.  What responsibility do we have to that foundational truth?   Learn the purpose and relationship between God, Government and Christians in this inspiring message from Pastor Jeff Schreve.

    Romans 13:1-7

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  • Marriage and Family


    July 16

    Marriage and Family

    The institutions of marriage and family are the bedrock of every society.  But are these critical relationships free to be changed by society’s wavering whims?  Is there a definite model ordained by God?  In this fundamental message for all families, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares the truth about God’s design for marriage and family and how they are intended to give a clear and healthy picture of our relationship with Him.

    Genesis 1:26-31

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