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Fear No Evil

Fear. It is a common enemy all of us encounter on a regular basis. Fear keeps multitudes of people from walking by faith and doing the will of God. Fear must be understood so it can be overcome. In this three-message series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares powerful insights to help you rise above your fears and believe God for victory.

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  • When Fear Calls the Shots

    Fear No Evil

    September 17

    When Fear Calls the Shots

    What happens when a worst-case scenario occurs when you least expect it?  Do you receive the grace of God into that situation, or do you, like so many people, let fear hop into the driver’s seat of your life?  In this eye-opening message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, not only do we learn the heart-breaking truths of what a fear-led life can do to you and your loved ones, but also how to get back to a place where your faith outweighs your fears.

    Genesis 12:10 - 13:4

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  • Naked and Afraid

    Fear No Evil

    September 10

    Naked and Afraid

    Some fears can be a huge hindrance to the faith of a believer.  Nothings stops us in our tracks like a scary situation.  But is all fear something to be avoided?  In this intriguing message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares what types of fear are healthy to have in our lives, the roots of the negative fear that doesn’t come from the Lord, and how we can dig those fear roots out of our lives today.

    Genesis 3:1-24

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