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Life's Big Questions

Everybody has questions in life. But not all questions are created equal. Some questions are really big… and they can become sticking points to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In this riveting six-message series, Dr. Jeff Schreve boldly tackles Life's Big Questions to help believers and unbelievers alike better understand the firm foundation of Christianity.

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  • Why Should I Believe the Bible?

    Life's Big Questions

    October 15

    Why Should I Believe the Bible?

    The Bible.  For some, it is a big book of historical recordings that have no pertinence toward their life.  For others, it is God’s Holy Word that is living and active and sharper than a double-edged sword; their guidepost through each day.  But, is this book, handed down for thousands of years throughout history, to be believed?  In this encouraging message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, we see the truth:  the Bible is the trustworthy and living Word of God, not just some religious musings of man.

    Hebrews 4:12

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  • Why Am I Here?

    Life's Big Questions

    October 8

    Why Am I Here?

    Is there true purpose to be found in your life?  Do you exist for something specific, or is all of a life just an accidental coincidence?  In this revealing message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, we discover what life means for those who choose the grace and love of Jesus Christ, and what it means for those who don’t.  What is your choice?

    Isaiah 43:6-7

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  • Does God Really Exist?

    Life's Big Questions

    October 1

    Does God Really Exist?

    So many people today are searching for spiritual truth and someone, or something to put their faith in.  Some say there are many choices, others say there’s nothing else out there, but who is right?  In this affirming message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, we learn what evidence the Bible presents to prove that God really does exist.

    Genesis 1:1

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