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Vision Partners are the foundation of From His Heart providing the backbone of our financial stability as we reach the world for Christ.
It is a person of spiritual maturity who shares the vision of From His Heart and has chosen to make monthly regularly scheduled donations to the ministry either through the mail (check) or automatically by credit card, debit card, or from their checking account.

  • If you choose to contribute automatically each month online, you choose the date of the month for this donation to take place. You can change this date at anytime. However, it is very important for you to remember the email and password that you have used so you can access your private financial information.
  • You will also be able to raise or lower your monthly gift; change your address, phone or email; and make changes in your credit card information, such as changing to a new card number or updating your expiration date ... all online. This access will also allow you to see your online giving record anytime. This online report does not include donations or purchases that have been given by mail or over the phone.
  • Your automatic donation will be deducted at 12:06AM on the date you have chosen. You will receive an email notification of the success or failure of this monthly credit card transaction. If your credit card donation is not approved by the credit services, it will be attempted by that company for 5 days in a row. After the 5th unsuccessful attempt, the schedule will be cancelled automatically for your protection. You will have received daily emails for five days asking you to contact us or go online to make the necessary changes BEFORE the schedule is cancelled.

If you signed up to become a Vision Partner the first time on a web page that offered a thank you gift for your donation, you'll receive that in the mail. The DONATE NOW tab on our homepage is set up specifically for donations where no product is desired. The monthly thank you premiums are NOT a component of the Vision Partner program.

Please know, that the regular monthly support we receive from our Vision Partners is essential to this ministry.

Dear Friend,

In a world that offers so little in the all-important areas of truth, love and hope, you and I have an opportunity to dramatically transform lives … for all eternity! Why is that important now? Because …

Our World lacks truth.
Our world has redefined love.
Our world has lost hope.
If we (you and me) don’t start winning this generation for Christ immediately … and do it right now … countless souls will be effectively lost for all eternity.

God has placed all of us on earth to make a real difference “for such a time as this.” I believe with all my heart that God wants us to join our voices and our influence to help millions come to know real truth, real love and real hope that is only found in Jesus Christ!

From His Heart exists to use media to reach millions with the timeless truth of scripture, the life-changing love of God, and real hope found only in Jesus Christ. With your help, together we can impact the world at this critical time.

Thanks so much for asking God what He would have you do with this opportunity now.

Jeff Schreve
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Become a Vision Partner

Your gift helps meet the critical $400,000 financial year-end need

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