Courageous: How God Shows Up When You Step Up

Courageous: How God Shows Up When You Step Up

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Fear is one of Satan’s key weapons. He knows if he can keep us fearful, he can keep us faithless. But God has called us to courageously believe His Word, to step up and step out in faith. And when we do, God shows up and works miracles in our midst. Join Pastor Jeff Schreve as he encourages us to overcome our fears with faith in this inspiring series called COURAGEOUS: HOW GOD SHOWS UP WHEN YOU STEP UP.

Message 1

Pushing Through the FearParts 1 & 2

What do you do when come face to face with fear? Do you turn from it and let it defeat you, or do you face it head on? In Pastor Jeff Schreve’s encouraging message, PUSHING THROUGH THE FEAR, he reminds us of what God says about fear and how we can face it victoriously. Don’t let fear defeat you!

Judges 6-7

Message 2

Are You Arguing with God?

What would happen to a lowly ‘private’ in the United States Army if he were to argue about a direct order given to him from a four-star General? Well, it would not be pretty. That’s why it rarely happens. But when God, who commands the universe, gives us direct orders, why do we often make excuses arguing with Him? Discover the most common arguments we present to the Lord and what God would have us learn in this hard-hitting message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called ARE YOU ARGUING WITH GOD?

Exodus 3-4

Message 3

Standing AloneParts 1 & 2

In life, when we adventure out into the world, we’re often reminded that there is “safety in numbers.” But what if all of our friends want us to go with them down the “wrong path?” Is it really safe just because many people are going? In this insightful message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, STANDING ALONE, he explains what it takes to stand up for what is right in the eyes of the Lord even when you may be the only one standing.

1 Kings 22:1-38

Message 4

For Such a Time as This

Does it seem as though you have been beaten up in life with non-stop punch after punch? Do you feel like the beatings will never end? In this hopeful message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS, you’ll learn the truth from the life of Esther about how God produces strong faith even through the problems/beatings we endure in life and how He wants us to respond with faith, trust and courage.

Esther 4:1-17
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