Dreams and Detours: Lessons from the Life of Joseph

Dreams and Detours: Lessons from the Life of Joseph

7 Messages

God-given dreams are a wonderful thing. But so often, the dreams take time in coming to fruition. In the in between time, detours and disappointments seem to line the pathway. How will we handle the detours? Will we get bitter or get better? Will we give up or remain faithful? In this powerful seven-message series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares life-changing truths from the life of Joseph to help us trust God and stay faithful to Him, regardless of the setbacks.

Message 1

The Birth of a DreamParts 1 & 2

Do you have a God-given dream – a vision for your life? Well whether you do or not, God has a special dream for you. Are you working toward fulfilling God’s dream for you … or do you have discouraging people trying to stop you. Learn how to fulfil God’s dream for you in this powerful first message in Jeff’s series Dreams and Detours: Lessons from the Life of Joseph. Discover THE BIRTH OF A DREAM and let God show you the purpose He has for you.

Genesis 37:1-11

Message 2

How Did I Get in this Pit?Parts 1 & 2

What are we to do when we find ourselves in a deep, dark pit? Joseph was surely in a dark pit and his life is an example for us to take a long hard look at ourselves, at our circumstances, and at the Lord. But how do you do that? This message, HOW DID I GET IN THIS PIT?, will challenge you to trust God more deeply and find real hope for everyday living.

Genesis 37:12-36

Message 3

Making the Best of the WorstParts 1 & 2

Are you facing the lemons of life in a place called rock bottom? Rock bottom can become a launching pad for greater things for those who choose to be faithful in the tough times of life. In this message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called MAKING THE BEST OF THE WORST, you’ll learn to evaluate your life’s purpose and worth under the shadow of God’s Grace and follow the example of Joseph.

Genesis 39:1-6

Message 4

Trials and TemptationsParts 1 & 2

Temptations of the flesh. They are part of our lives and no one is immune. But how can you be victorious over the temptations of the flesh? They can be defeated with truth … but you must trust the God of truth and be faithful to that truth just like Joseph did. In this message TRIALS AND TEMPTATIONS, you’ll discover there is grace for the fallen … and victory for the faithful.

Genesis 39:6-23

Message 5

From the Prison to the PalaceParts 1 & 2

Would you like to be ‘promoted’ in God’s eyes? Joseph was a man who was promoted in stature … sent to the pit … and raised again to serve the Lord. If we’re in that prison, how can we experience a great promotion with the Lord like Joseph did? In this message FROM THE PRISON TO THE PALACE, we’ll learn how faith and trust in an almighty God is the key.

Genesis 40-41

Message 6

The Power of Forgiveness

Do you want to have a fruitful life? Sure you do! But there can be no fruitfulness until there is forgiveness. How can you learn to forgive as Joseph did? In this inspiring message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS, you’ll learn to forgive as Christ has forgiven you. You’ll learn to use the power of forgiveness to restore the flow of God’s grace in your life and others.

Genesis 41:50-57

Message 7

When Dreams Come TrueParts 1 & 2

If you’ve thrown in the towel on your dreams, you need to pick it up. Why? In this final message from Pastor Jeff Schreve’s Dreams and Detours series, he’ll remind you that God is faithful, purposeful, and plentiful for all those who remain faithful. WHEN YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE, you’ll know that God turned the worst and made it the best. Remember: “Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20)

Genesis 42:1-9

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