Fear No Evil

Fear No Evil

3 Messages
Fear. It is a common enemy all of us encounter on a regular basis. Fear keeps multitudes of people from walking by faith and doing the will of God. Fear must be understood so it can be overcome. In this three-message series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares powerful insights to help you rise above your fears and believe God for victory.

Message 1

Naked and Afraid

Fear is often a giant hindrance to the faith of a believer. It creates weak Christians who are scared, unprotected and vulnerable to the devil’s attacks. But is all fear something to be avoided? In a captivating message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, he shares how harmful fears enters our lives, what healthy fear looks like and how to rid ourselves of destructive fear and start glorifying God in all things.

Genesis 3:1-24

Message 2

When Fear Calls the ShotsParts 1 & 2

When tragedy enters your life unexpectedly, does fear call the shots? Does fear hop aboard into the driver’s seat or do you kick devilish fear to the curb? In this eye-opening message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, you’ll learn the heart-breaking truth about the damage a fear-led life can do, but you’ll also discover how to reject fear and trust your faith … no matter what!

Genesis 12:10-13:4

Message 3

Fear vs. FaithParts 1 & 2

When God redeemed believers through the blood of Jesus, did He desire for us to continue living in fear? Did he want us to remain lonely and scared? No! In this reassuring message, Pastor Jeff Schreve provides three powerful reasons God has given His children to reject fear and trust Him in faith. There is no reason to be scared when the Savior lives in us.

Isaiah 43:1-5
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