Endless Love?

Debbie and I got married on March 15, 1986, and we were so excited about our honeymoon! Now while it's true no couple can go on a perpetual honeymoon vacation; the marital honeymoon doesn't have to end just because you come back home. God has designed marriage to be a wonderful experience of love, and joy and fulfillment. Sure there are hard times, but if you go God’s way, those times can be overshadowed by love and by laughter. It is so sad to see so many marital couples simply coexisting, living like roommates; just like two ships passing in the night with no closeness or no intimacy. Hey, if you’re growing miserable in your marriage, don’t wait until it totally disintegrates to do something about it. Get help today. God wants to turn things around, no matter how bad it may be. Now that’s REAL HOPE. 
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