Faith and Patience

I hate waiting, don't you?  Waiting can get us all stressed out and frustrated.  And when we wait, and wait, and WAIT for God to work and answer our prayers, it's easy to start thinking that God really doesn't care.  But God tells us in Hebrew 6:12 it's through faith and patience that we inherit His promises. God is ALWAYS right on time.  He promised Abraham and Sarah a son when they were childless.  They had to wait about thirty years before He gave them Isaac.  30 years of waiting!  Abraham held to the promise.  He did not waver in unbelief, but the Bible says he grew strong in faith.  And God strengthened Abraham’s faith in the “waiting room”… and then blessed his socks off with a son.  And God will bless you too, as you patiently wait for Him.  Now that’s real hope.
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