Running the Race

In the book of Hebrews, God compares the Christian life to a marathon race. Now if you have ever been involved in a race like that, you know that appropriate dress is a must. If you're going to compete in a marathon race, you can't wear clothing that will weigh you down, or hinder your progress. Well, here's the problem: lots of Christians are running the spiritual race with a heavy pack on their backs. They're struggling terribly because they are so weighed down. Are you carrying some baggage on your back? Are you carrying guilt and shame, or resentment and bitterness? Let me encourage you to confess your sins to the Lord, and believe Him for complete cleansing. Listen, by faith, release that person who hurt you and accept the Lord's miraculous healing for your heart. It's time for you to start running unhindered. Now that’s REAL HOPE.
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Praying Hands
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