When Fear Sets In

I hate turbulence. When I’m on an airplane and feel the plane start to shimmy and shake, I instantly get a little nervous. If I'm not careful, my mind can flood with fear. I can start thinking that the plane is going down. Fear has a tendency to make us think the worst. Perhaps you are facing some turbulence in your life right now. Perhaps fear is starting to set in. What do you do when your life is shaken? You can remember the words of Jeremiah. When he faced fearful circumstances and enemies all around him who wanted him dead, Jeremiah made this declaration of faith in chapter 20:11, "But the LORD is with me like a dread champion; therefore, my persecutors will stumble and not prevail.” I just love that, don't you? The LORD is with me like a dread champion. Listen. whatever you may be facing in life today, there is no need to fear if the dread champion is with you. Let me encourage you to meet your fear with faith in the Lord of hosts, Yahweh Sabbaoth, the God of angel armies. He has never lost a battle, and He never will. Now that's REAL HOPE. 
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