When Nothing is Happening

Have you ever tried to lose weight? I have, and it can be so hard and so discouraging. But, hey, I found if you will keep up a consistent diet and exercise program, you WILL eventually see results. It just takes time and commitment to see it through. Well, the same is true in the Christian life. The Lord says, “We shall reap if we do not grow weary.” That’s a promise for us to cling to. God is telling us not to give up until we see the harvest. Hey, what have you been working toward and praying for with no visible results? Could it be your marriage to get better- or a wayward child to come back to the Lord - a future spouse to come into your life? Listen, DON’T QUIT on it! A great harvest is coming to those who will trust God and keep on trusting. Now that’s REAL HOPE.
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