Sticking Points: Overcoming Obstacles to Faith

Sticking Points: Overcoming Obstacles to Faith

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When it comes to the Christian life, there are many issues that can hinder our faith, becoming sticking points to spiritual growth. In this eye-opening series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares key insights into the obstacles that keep us from living a life full of faith and a deepening relationship with Christ.

Message 1

The Issue of UnbeliefParts 1 & 2

Is the issue of unbelief a sticking point for you? Unbelief reveals a serious heart problem that can cost us dearly. In this message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares how God’s promises are experienced through faith and an unshakeable belief in His Word. How will you respond to Him?

Hebrews 3:12-19

Message 2

Trials and TragediesParts 1 & 2

Trials and tragedies are an inescapable part of life. They often come without warning and can leave us questioning God’s plan. In this encouraging message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares how God uses our darkest times to teach us the deepest lessons. You can keep trusting God, even in the midst of the storm!

Job 1-2

Message 3

Breaking the Chains of Guilt and ShameParts 1 & 2

So many people are held in bondage over guilt and shame and can’t seem to break free. Is freedom possible? Be encouraged with this message from Pastor Jeff Schreve as he shares how to break free and experience God’s restoration, love and forgiveness.

Luke 15:11-24

Message 4

Religion or Relationship?Parts 1 & 2

Do you have religion or a true relationship with Jesus Christ? In this hard-hitting message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares how religious people appear to be respectable and good on the outside, but on the inside rottenness and self-righteousness abound. Search your heart. Is your religion keeping you from the heart of God?

Luke 15:25-32
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