The Truth in Love

The Truth in Love

7 Messages
We are living in a time when God’s word is being watered down and disregarded. People turn their nose up at God’s truth and create their own. Because of His amazing love for us, the Lord put guardrails in place in order to show us the way and to protect our hearts. In this timely series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares 7 truth-filled messages that will equip you to live your life firmly planted in God’s truth no matter how difficult it gets in this secular world.

Message 1

Growing StrongParts 1 & 2

Are you growing in your knowledge of the Lord? It is impossible to mature spiritually without the truth. In this poignant message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, discover the difference between objective truth and subjective truth. If you spend time in the truth and live it, you will grow!

Ephesians 4:11-16

Message 2

What is Happening to Our World?Parts 1 & 2

Our world is drifting further and further away from God. People are proudly giving themselves over to sinful desires and sexual immorality. How are we to understand what is happening? In this revealing message, Pastor Jeff Schreve exposes the truth behind the state of society today and how it’s now more important than ever to stand for the Lord.

Romans 1:18-32

Message 3

Hating the LoveParts 1 & 2

The world hates the truth of God’s word because they love their sin more than they love the Savior. Standing up for the Lord won’t always be popular, but it is so critical today. In this message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, prepare your heart to be a light in the darkness as you boldly proclaim the truth in love.

John 15:17-27

Message 4

Silence is Not an Option

In our lost and dying world, will you speak up or shut up? In this stirring message, Pastor Jeff Schreve calls to action the believers of Christ to boldly present the good news of the gospel. Now is the time to take a stand, regardless of the consequences.

Acts 4:1-31

Message 5

Boy Meets GirlParts 1 & 2

The world has redefined gender, making it complicated and contrary to God’s design. What does God say about gender, marriage and sex? In this informative message, Pastor Jeff Schreve lovingly shares the creation of Adam and Eve and God’s plan for marriage and sexual intimacy in marriage.

Genesis 2:18-25

Message 6

When to Draw the Line

Do you know when to draw the line in our antichristian world? The Lord warns us in His word to be careful with the indoctrination of the world. In this message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, learn how to safeguard your heart and take a closer look at the boundary lines God has put in place, and how to live lovingly within those boundaries.

Daniel 1:1-21

Message 7

When You Blow Past the Guard RailParts 1 & 2

What do you do when you blow it? No one in immune from committing terrible sin… Not even King David, the man after God’s own heart. In this message, Pastor Jeff Schreve reveals what we can learn from David’s great sin and how, like David, we can find forgiveness in the grace of God.

2 Samuel 12:1-14
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