• October 6 - 13, 2019

    Life Goes On: How to Face a New Normal

    God never promised that life would be easy, in fact, He told us that life would be filled with troubles. What do we do when those troubles come and turn our lives upside down? In this series from Pastor Jeff Schreve, discover how you can trust God with your sorrow and pain, find His arms open wide in the hardest of times and how you can step out in faith into a new normal.

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  • September 1 - 29, 2019

    The Truth in Love

    We are living in a time when God’s word is being watered down and disregarded. People turn their nose up at God’s truth and create their own. Because of His amazing love for us, the Lord put guardrails in place in order to show us the way and to protect our hearts. In this timely series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares 7 truth-filled messages that will equip you to live your life firmly planted in God’s truth no matter how difficult it gets in this secular world.

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  • August 4 - 25, 2019

    Encountering the Real Jesus

    Jesus of Nazareth: He is the most famous and controversial person of all-time. Sadly, many people don't know who He really is and what He really came to do. Multitudes who say they follow Him have created a Jesus in their own image to satisfy their own desires. But, Jesus is not who man has likened Him to be. Have you encountered the real Jesus? In this powerful series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares biblical insights to shine the light on the true identity, character, mission and message of the One called Jesus.

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  • July 7 - 28, 2019

    The Walk

    The Christian life is a walk with God. And the only way to please God in our walk with Him is to exercise faith. Paul said, "We walk by faith, not by sight." (2 Corinthians 5:7) In this five-message series Dr. Jeff Schreve gives practical, biblical encouragement to help you take God at His Word and step out on His promises, regardless of the circumstances.

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  • June 9 - 30, 2019

    Money Matters: How to Make Your Money Count for Now and Forever

    Money. It tends to be a sensitive, personal subject for many people. Yet, Jesus spoke more about money than He did heaven or hell. Why? It is because money tends to be the #1 idol, the false god where we so often place our hope and trust. In this series Pastor Jeff Schreve shares the clear truths of Scripture to help us see money from God's perspective ... and make it count for now and forever.

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  • April 28 - June 2, 2019

    It's Not Easy Being Me

    How well do you understand yourself? How knowledgeable are you concerning your strengths, your weaknesses, and your pathway to victorious Christian living? In this fun and insightful series, Dr. Jeff Schreve shares practical truths from the Scripture to help you live in harmony with yourself, with others, and most importantly with the Lord.

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  • April 21

    The Resurrection Factor

    Easter is when we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. What does that mean for us? In this message from Pastor Jeff Schreve entitled, The Resurrection Factor, you will be reminded of the precious sacrifice our Savior made and how He is at work in your life today!

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  • February 3 - April 14, 2019

    Revelation: The Triumph of the Lamb

    The Book of the Revelation can be intimidating, as it is full of prophecy, tribulation and woe. It is also full of hope and encouragement because the King is coming for His own and to rule and reign forever! In this series, Pastor Jeff Schreve takes an in depth look at Revelation, laying out a timeline, explaining the symbolism, encouraging believers, and sending a wake-up call to those who have yet to accept Jesus as their Savior. The King is coming soon, so be watchful and be prepared for his victorious return!

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  • January 6 - 27, 2019

    Perspective: Understanding God and Man

    Perspective is a critical thing. Without the proper perspective, people can make terrible decisions. They can easily believe lies simply because they are not seeing the whole picture. In this eye-opening series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares the biblical truth about the nature of God and the nature of man. When you gain true perspective, you stand amazed at the goodness of God and His patient dealings with man.

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  • December 16 - 30, 2018

    The Blessings of Christmas

    Christmas is such a special season of the year. The announcement of the birth of the Savior brings life, hope, and great joy. These three messages will a Christmas blessing for you that will encourage your heart, no matter the circumstances you may be in.

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  • November 4 - December 9, 2018

    12 Timeless Favorites

    From His Heart has aired over 1500 messages on radio and TV in the last ten years. Lives have been changed and hurts healed has God’s anointed Word was broadcast across the globe. While all proclaim God’s Word with clarity and compassion, this collection contains twelve special messages that generated extraordinary response. You’ll be comforted, challenged, and empowered as you allow God’s special anointed Word into your heart and allow these truths to impact how you live for Jesus. May you experience a refreshed passion for the things of God in these timeless classics.

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  • October 7 - 28, 2018

    Footsteps: What it Really Means to Follow Jesus

    Following Jesus is much more than just that initial step of faith to believe He is who He says He is. In this insightful and challenging 11-message series by Pastor Jeff Schreve, we will take a closer look at what it means to really follow Jesus in our day-to-day lives as we wait for His glorious return.

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  • September 2 - 30, 2018

    Land of the Giants: How to Defeat Your Biggest Problems

    Life is filled with giants. Every one of us face internal battles with a variety of invisible giants that aim to steal our peace, joy and confidence in the Lord. Does God have an answer for these giants? Yes! In this encouraging series Pastor Jeff Schreve shares God's strategy for defeating the toughest of giants so that you can walk in daily victory.

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  • August 5 - 26, 2018

    Man Up: God's Real Guide to Manhood

    Guys, the time is now to stand up and be counted. God's call is for men to be the godly leaders He created them to be. Join Pastor Jeff Schreve as he shares proven biblical insights to heal wounded hearts and show men how to push through passivity, accept responsibility, and lead courageously. Learn how to become the man God created you to be in this powerful 6-Message series from Pastor Jeff titled MAN UP: GOD’S GUIDE TO REAL MANHOOD.

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  • July 1 - 29, 2018

    Holy Boldness: Lessons from Elijah the Prophet of Fire

    Elijah is known as the prophet of fire. He was bold and strong as he stood alone for the Lord. What can we learn from his life and ministry? In this powerful series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares insights from the life of Elijah that will encourage you in your faith and witness for Jesus Christ.

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