How to Keep Money Troubles from Stealing Your Joy

When Debbie and I were first married, we both had jobs. Money wasn’t plentiful, but it wasn’t scarce either. We were able to live without too much financial pressure. We even bought a house within six months. Financially, our newly wedded life was comfortable.

But then something happened. Debbie got pregnant! We were in full agreement that she would be a stay-at-home mom, and she resigned her teaching job at the end of the school year (Jill was born in June). That decision was good and right … but it brought new financial stress and strain since Debbie’s pay was roughly half our income.
So we began to think (and yes, worry) a lot about money.  Would there be enough? Would I make enough? Would we be able to make ends meet?

Maybe you’re reading these words today and you have similar questions. Perhaps you’re worried about your finances. And this struggle might even be stealing your joy.
Well, Jesus had much to say about worrying over money.  In a nutshell, He is firmly against it! You see, at the core of worry is mistrust … and a gross misunderstanding of the good heart of God.

In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus is speaking to a crowd overlooking the Sea of Galilee. He is talking about this critical issue of worrying about money. He says in verse 26, quite possibly as a flock of birds flies by … 

“Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”

That last statement gets me every time: “Are you not worth much more than they?”

Now, this kind of argument has a special name. It’s called an a fortiori argument, arguing from the lesser to the greater. It was an oratory tactic often used in legal and political debates in Jesus’ day. An a fortiori argument presents a well-accepted truth of lesser importance in order to reveal a greater truth of extreme importance.

In this instance, it’s clear that God takes care of the birds (which are of very little worth). So, it should be even more clear that He’ll take care of you (who are of much greater worth).

You see, you matter to God—because you are His own child! He is a good Father who takes care of the birds … and much more His beloved. So if you let money fill your heart with anxiety and steal away your joy, you’re losing sight of the Almighty King who graciously and abundantly provides for His kids! Worrying about money basically says, “Lord, I don’t think You’re good,” or “Lord, I don’t think You’re able.” But God is both good and able! 

Listen, it is possible to live worry-free, even in the face of financial stress and strain. It all comes down to trusting those two facts of Scripture: God is good, and God is able. He loves you enough to provide for you—and He is Lord over all, having the power to give you whatever you need. Believe the truth, and you’ll keep money struggles from stealing your joy.

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