How to Shine for Christ in These Last Days

I get a lot of questions about whether or not we’re living in the last days. And the answer to that is yes—the last days are a period of time between the first and second coming of the Lord.

But the question people really want answered is this: Is Jesus going to return soon? And if you’re asking for what I think the answer is, I would say, “Yes, He is.” Now I could be wrong. But as I look around our world, I simply can’t fathom it continuing down the path it’s currently on for much longer.

So what does the Bible say is ahead of us as we inch closer to Christ’s return? Well, as I look at the passage in 2 Timothy 3, I discover three important challenges the people of God are going to face as the end draws nearer … 

Number one: The days will become increasingly violent and dangerous.

Persecution of Christians is at an all-time high around the world today. And just because we’re living in a bubble of perceived safety doesn’t mean that bubble won’t soon burst. With homosexual “marriage” now legalized nationwide, militant atheists on the march, governmental laws becoming more and more anti-Christian, and terrorists ready and willing to take out the infidels, it’s very possible our days of being able to freely proclaim the gospel are limited.

Number two: These days will see a rise in false teachers and false teaching.

Religious authorities in these last days are going to become increasingly hostile toward the gospel of Jesus Christ. We already see this in the works, with more and more of a bent in the religious world today toward New Age, self-help, and universalistic teaching. And you can rest assured that many people will continue to seek out “feel-good” messages rather than focused messages explaining what the Bible really says.

Number three: The days will require Christians to be good soldiers.

Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 2:3, “Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” And in these last days, it is becoming apparent that the Christian life is a battleground, not a playground. The days of Christians just sitting in a circle and singing “Kumbaya” are in the rear-view mirror.

But Paul is reminding Timothy and us that walking with Jesus was never designed to be easy—“Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22). So as the days get more difficult, we must strengthen our resolve to stay faithful and fight the good fight of faith!

One day, Christ will return in glory.  There will be singing, dancing, and an end to every struggle. But until then, make it your mission to shine for Jesus and share the good news of His cross and empty tomb with the world!

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