Remember the Lord ... And Fight

Nehemiah was halfway through rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem when the enemy really stepped up the attack. The people began to cower in fear, so Nehemiah encouraged them with this important word: “Remember the Lord who is great and awesome and fight.” The people responded to his challenge, stood up to their enemies, and saw God bring victory. What is the need of the hour today? I believe it is to “remember the Lord who is great and awesome, and fight” (Nehemiah 4:14). The devil wants to get us discouraged and fearful. But God is waiting on us to take a stand against the enemy, regardless of the fear. Will you start to fight by lifting up your voice in prayer, praying for your marriage, for your kids, for your county, and for the many wonderful promises God has made to us. Remember, nothing God-sized is ever accomplished without prayer. And nothing God-sized is ever won without a fight. So, remember the Lord, get in the battle, and believe Him for the victory! Now that’s REAL HOPE. 
Praying Hands
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