Running on Empty?

When I was in high school, gas was about seventy-five cents a gallon. Pretty cheap, huh? However, even at seventy-five cents a gallon, I had trouble scraping together gas money. I would only put in one or two dollars of gas at a time ... as a result I was really always running on empty. Do you ever feel like you are running on empty spiritually? God’s plan for His children has never been for us to run on an empty spiritual tank. He wants us to run on full, living life filled with the Holy Spirit of God. But how does that happen? It happens when your heart and life are completely surrendered to Him. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit of God, you are fully under His influence and control. If you completely surrender to the Lord who loves you and died for you on the cross, you will experience a full spiritual tank, and people will see Jesus in you! Now that’s REAL HOPE. 
Praying Hands
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