Words of Hope

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Dr. Jeff Schreve offers extended encouragement and hope on topics.

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  • Anything is Possible with God!

    Let’s face it. Life can be tough. And sometimes it feels like trusting God in the face of difficult circumstances is impossible. But no matter where you are or what tough time you are facing right now, God wants to ... Full story

  • Have you been ―vived?

    Many Christians speak of a desire for revival. Sometimes we think revival is what happens when unbelievers get saved during a crusade or special event. But that's really not revival. Revival is ... Full story

  • Negative Emotions Can be Good

    Anger. Depression. Loneliness. Guilt. These are emotions that powerfully affect our lives. We find them hopelessly undesirable and, at times, they can completely overwhelm us. But the good news is even when we feel we’re losing our emotional battles ... Full story

  • Is Your Family Dysfunctional?

    When it comes to family, we don't have a choice. Our family is our family, quirks and all. We don't get to choose them, but we do get to choose how we treat the family God has given us! Sadly, there are many families that call themselves “Christian,” and yet, the culture within that family is ... Full story