The Days of Noah

The Days of Noah

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Jesus said, "For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah" (Matt. 24:37). Have you ever wondered what those days were like…days that precipitated a world-wide flood? In this eye-opening series, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares biblical truths about a day and age that was and is to come. This series will strengthen your faith in the infallible Word of God and encourage you to keep walking with the King.

A World Gone Wicked

When you look around today, does it seem as though evil is overcoming good? Do you find yourself becoming increasingly numb to the tragedies and travesties occurring around the world at a breakneck pace? In Noah’s day the world looked a lot like today and God was grieved and forced to pass judgment. In this hard-hitting message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called A WORLD GONE WICKED, he details the key similarities and poses the question of whether or not you are someone who is also grieving God.

Genesis 6:1-8

Man's Only Hope

Christians are ridiculed often for believing the literal truth of the creation story and the great flood. While to some these occurrences may seem unbelievable, this inspiring message called MAN’S ONLY HOPE from Pastor Jeff Schreve explores the undeniable facts specific to the ark that was built by Noah to save him and his family from the flood. It also explains the broader truth that the ark represents Jesus Christ as the only hope of salvation from the floodwaters of sin.

Genesis 6:9-22

King at the Flood

If you live on planet early, you surely have heard about the great worldwide flood back in THE DAYS OF NOAH! You know that God sent a flood to destroy all mankind … except Noah and his family. But why would a loving God destroy all these people? In this revealing message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called KING AT THE FLOOD, he explains the real truth about the nature of our sovereign God who loves us so much that he must pass judgment on sin.

Genesis 7:1-9:17

Bring on the Flood

Living life the way you want, according to your own rules with nobody telling you what to do. This sounds like the best possible scenario for a great life doesn’t it? Or does it? God tells us in His Word that we are to fear Him, but when we live according to our own rules, we’re being disobedient. In this uncompromising message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called BRING ON THE FLOOD, he shares the critical truth that fear of the Lord is mandatory or God’s holy judgment must follow.

Romans 1:18-32

From the Flood to the Fire

Waiting. We seem to do a lot of that, don’t we? We wait in line, or for the weekend to come, or for our children to grow up, or for suffering to end. Waiting is a big part of life. For the Christian, we are waiting for Christ to return as He promised. In this revealing message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called FROM THE FLOOD TO THE FIRE, he comforts those who are waiting and encourages us to continue to be joyfully patient with the Lord’s timing because we know He will fulfill His promise.

2 Peter 3:1-10

Living in the Days of Noah

Noah lived in wicked days of debauchery and sin. Today, we’re seeing this same pattern emerge. So how does God want His people to live in a society that is living contrary to His will? In this inspiring message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called LIVING IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, he shares important truths about how Christians are to live until Jesus Christ comes again. Are you being faithful?

2 Peter 3:11-18
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