Faithful and True: Introducing the One and Only God

Faithful and True: Introducing the One and Only God

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The Book of Exodus is a book of rescue—God coming to deliver His people enslaved in Egypt for centuries. In this great and miraculous deliverance, God reveals Himself as faithful and true, the One and only God. In Exodus 5:2, Pharaoh asked the question, “Who is the LORD (YHWH) that I should obey His voice?” And God answers that question in resounding, unforgettable fashion. This powerful series on the exodus from Egypt reminds us afresh that we serve a God who is able and who always keeps His word.

Message 1

The Burning Bush...& the Burning QuestionParts 1 & 2

Do you struggle with feeling inadequate and unworthy? Moses certainly did. But God chose him just the same to deliver His people from Egypt. We can learn a lot about God and ourselves from his encounter with YHWH at the burning bush. You see, it really doesn’t matter who you are. It only matters who He is–-the unchangeable, holy God who is everything you will ever need in whatever situation you face!

Exodus 3:1-22

Message 2

When the Work Doesn't Seem to Be WorkingParts 1 & 2

In the Christian life we can run into situations where we are committed and we’re obeying God, and everything seems to fall apart. The bad situation gets so much worse, and we don’t understand why. When the work doesn’t seem to be working, what do you do? Join Pastor Jeff Schreve as he shares important truths to remember when we are being faithful and yet the work seems futile.

Exodus 5:1-23

Message 3

Here Come the PlaguesParts 1 & 2

The ten plagues God inflicted on Egypt were devastating and destructive. Why did God deal so harshly with Egypt? Join Pastor Jeff Schreve as he shares why God was so severe and what we can learn from the first three plagues that were inflicted upon Egypt.

Exodus 7:1-8:19

Message 4

God vs. the DevilParts 1 & 2

Pharaoh is a picture of the devil. God sends the plagues to crush Pharaoh and the false gods of Egypt. The LORD shows the people that He alone is the one and only God. In this message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, discover three key indictments that God makes on the gods in Egypt as he sends the next round of plagues.

Exodus 8:20-9:12

Message 5

When Bad Gets WorseParts 1 & 2

God brought plagues upon Egypt to make a mockery of their gods and to bring Pharaoh to his knees. The plagues were intensifying in devastation and caused death in Egypt. Join Pastor Jeff Schreve as he shares four attributes of God’s character that we see from this last triplet of plagues.

Exodus 9:13-10:29

Message 6

Fear, Faith, and the Power of GodParts 1 & 2

There are so many people today who are living in fear. How can we face our fears and see the rescuing, delivering power of God? Join Pastor Jeff Schreve as he shares the story of the greatest miracle of the Old Testament--the parting of the Red Sea--and discover how you can see God work miraculously in your life, too!

Exodus 13:17-14:31

Message 7

The Highs and Lows of LifeParts 1 & 2

Life is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. After the Jews crossed the Red Sea, it didn’t take very long for them to go from singing His praises to singing the blues. But you know what? That’s life! As Frank Sinatra sang, “You’re riding high in April, shot down in May.” What do we learn from the aftermath of the Red Sea miracle? Join Pastor Jeff Schreve as he shares three important lessons regarding the highs and lows of life.

Exodus 15:1-27

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