Alexa Units

“Alexa, Open From His Heart Podcast

It’s that easy! On your Amazon Alexa device (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, etc…), you can listen to the daily From His Heart Podcast.

alexa logoFirst, the set-up – 3 options:

  • Install the From His Heart ‘Skill’ from the Amazon Skill Store
  • Enable the From His Heart ‘Skill’ from your Alexa mobile app
  • Say, “Alexa: Open From His Heart Podcast.

You are now ready to listen every day by simply saying ...

“Alexa, Open From His Heart Podcast.”   

(Underlined words a must)


"Alexa, Open THE From His Heart Podcast" will NOT work. 
So, please ... no "THE."

ALSO… You Can Say ... (use exact phrase)

  • "Alexa, pause."                                              

  • "Alexa, resume"  or  “Alexa, continue”                              

  • "Alexa, play the previous episode"                

  • "Alexa, play the next episode"  

    (But will not play episode from future scheduled air-date              
  • "Alexa, ask From His Heart Podcast to fast forward" 

  • "Alexa, Stop"  or  "Alexa, Cancel"