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How to Witness a Miracle

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One of my all-time favorite sayings is this: God will not do what you can do ...  and you cannot do what He can do.  The Lord works in our lives WHEN we step out in faith.  Jesus turned water to wine, but He didn't fill the water pots with water.  He raised Lazarus from the dead, but He didn't roll away the stone.  He enabled Peter to walk on the water, but He didn't pull him out of the boat.  He will not do what you and I can do.  Miracles happen when we obey Him and when we do what He says.  And that is faith.  When we do our part and take a step of faith, He does His part in response.  Are you in need of a miracle today?  Take that step of faith and obey His voice.  Do your part, and He promises to do His.  Now that’s real hope.