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The Power of P-A-C-E

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Some years ago, I attended The Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute.  He challenged us to P-A-C-E at the start of every day.  The P stands for praise.  When you wake up, lift your hands to heaven and praise God for His goodness and His grace.  The A stands for accept.  Turn your uplifted hands inward and accept afresh God’s unconditional love and acceptance of you.  The C stands for control.  Raise your hands in surrender and say to God, “I want You to be in complete control of me .” Lastly, the E in PACE stands for expect.  You see, once you have praised Him, accepted His love and grace, and yielded control, then you can expect a great day!  I hope you’ll practice PACE each and every day, because when you do, you’ll experience real hope.