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How to Smell a Rat

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Would you like to know how to spot the deceptive schemes of the devil? In other words, would you like to know how to smell a rat in your church, or in your inner circle, or in the world around you?  Do you know his schemes and the way he operates?  The Devil always comes disguised as an angel of light, not as a devil of darkness.  He always casts doubt on the authority of God’s Word.  He always downplays the consequences of sin and promises the moon.  And he always works to get you to fixate on that which is forbidden because if you do that, you’ll surely fall.  Eve started to fixate on the forbidden fruit, and in no time she was eating it.  The bottom line is this:  in order to have victory over the devil, the original sewer rat, you need to be sensitive to his evil schemes. As you stay aware and stay sensitive to his evil ploys, you can walk in victory and find REAL HOPE.