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The Character of God

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Have you ever had someone question the character and nature of God because of hell? The argument is this: How could God be good and still send people to an eternal hell?  Why no decent human being would do such a terrible thing. I can’t trust the God of the Bible to be good, and I wonder if He is even real.  It sounds like a true dilemma for a Christian, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Listen, anytime human reasoning leads us to a place where a holy, perfect, loving, all-wise God is LESS moral, good, and compassionate than a human being who is sinful, imperfect, selfish, and little-knowing then that line of reasoning is flawed.  God made us to live forever.  And His desire is for us … all mankind… to go to heaven.  He died for all and offers salvation to all, BUT He doesn’t force salvation on anyone.  He made us with a free will.  We can reject Him if we so choose (the rich young ruler did) … but when we do, we will get exactly what we have chosen—an eternity without God in a place the Bible calls hell.  And hell is a terrible place, because no shred of God’s goodness, no shred of God’s grace, no shred of God’s mercy is found there.  But the good news is we can respond to Jesus and His love and find eternal salvation in Christ alone.  Now that’s real hope.