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Lying Eyes

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I was in high school in 1970, and the musical group, the Eagles were all the rage.  They had a really popular song called Lyin’ Eyes.  The lyrics said, “There ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes.”  How true.  No one can hide his lies from God.  He sees and hears everything we say and do.  And God hates lying with a passion because lying is a chief characteristic of the devil.  As the LORD looks at you today, does He see Lyin’ eyes?  Lyin’ lips? And a lyin’ heart?  Or does He see truth in the innermost being as you confess and forsake all known sin and darkness and walk in the light of holiness and truth?  I invite you to join me in rejecting hypocrisy and endeavor to always speak the truth in love, even if costs you?  It is in the truth where we find REAL HOPE.