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Biblical Worldview

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Worldview - simply means with what lens you view the world.  Those who truly believe the Bible, they have a Christian worldview and they value the things that are valued in the Book. Now, those you don't believe the Bible have a more humanistic worldview that's rooted in philosophy and the conventional wisdom of the day.  Now, as fewer and fewer people have any idea what God says about an issue, it is imperative for Christians to speak the truth in love.  You see, when good and Godly people, Pastors especially, do nothing and say nothing in the response of the belief system of a godless generation, we make it very difficult for those on the fence to find true North.  Right is right, even if no one believes it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone believes it.  I hope you'll join me in becoming a bold witness for Jesus, because only in Jesus do we find Real Hope.