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A Guilty Conscience

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A few years ago an 87-year-old man wrote to tell me that he was really struggling with guilt.  He couldn't believe that God could forgive him for some of the deep, dark sins of his past.  You know, he's not alone.  Lots of Christians struggle with guilt. Now, it's not because they haven't confessed their sins, it's because they haven't believed that the Lord really has forgiven them.  Remember Luke chapter 7.  Jesus spoke to the prostitute.  She was broken over her sins and she wept at his feet and He told her, "Your sins are forgiven, your faith has saved you.  Don't live in guilt.  Receive my complete pardon and go in peace."  Hey, if you've been confessing your sin a thousand times over to the Lord, STOP IT.  Confess it once and thank Him a thousand times for forgiving you.  Now that's REAL HOPE.