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The True Gospel

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Have you noticed that more and more preachers are preaching feel good messages that tickle ears, instead of stepping on toes?  We have the prosperity gospel, teaching that God wants us healthy, wealthy, and abounding in material blessings. We have the social gospel, teaching that the principal job of the church is to serve the poor and alleviate social ills and suffering. We have the liberation gospel, teaching that Jesus came to free us from societal and racial oppression. We have lots of teaching that uses the word gospel while missing the heart of the true gospel. The core mission of the church is to lift up the cross of Christ and the empty tomb and call men to repentance and faith. Certainly, we are to care for the poor and call out injustice, but we must never drift away from our main mission “to preach the word and go and make disciples.” Jesus is coming again and only those trusting in the true gospel will we be ready to meet the Savio. It is in Jesus where we find REAL HOPE!