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And the Prisoners Were Listening

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Paul and Silas were in the middle of the will of God, preaching the Good News. And you know what happened to them? They were beaten and thrown into prison. What do you do when you are in the will of God everything is going wrong? Paul and Silas chose to praise God. “And the prisoners were listening to them,” the Bible tells us (Acts 16:25). People can see the reality of Christ in our lives much better when we are suffering. While God does not cause the bad things to happen, He allows the bad things to come for a reason. After hearing Paul and Silas’ prayers of praise, God worked miracles … freeing them from prison and saving the hardened jailer and his family. And it happened because of two people who praised God when life was caving in. God will shine through you to those “prisoners” who secretly watch your life. Now that’s REAL HOPE!