Humility or Humiliation?
Message 4
Shine: How to Live a Christian Life in an Unchristian World

Humility or Humiliation?

Message 4 of 6
The Bible says, “God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble…”  But when it comes to pride in the lives of His followers, God takes a hard line against it.  He desires to bless you when you are humble. However, if you choose to allow pride to rule in your life, humiliation is sure to follow.  Pastor Jeff Schreve explores this difficult issue and how the Lord can help you decide between “Humility or Humiliation.”  What will you choose?  This message is part of the 6-Message series SHINE:  HOW TO LIVE THE CHRISTIAN LIFE IN AN UNCHRISTIAN WORLD.
Daniel 4:28-37
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